Friday, January 10, 2014

"Above" by Isla Morley

There is this girl. Blythe. She was going home from the Horse Thieves Picnic on a lovely July afternoon, not mentioning to anyone she was leaving early because her boyfriend stood her up, when she accepts a ride from Dobbs Hordin, the librarian at her school, who says her brother's been in a terrible car accident and he was to take her to the hospital. Instead, he takes her someplace else. She slowly realizes, as he keeps driving, away, away from home, from family, from her life, that her brother is not the victim of a terrible calamity. She was. She was the victim of a kidnapping! The someplace he takes her is a someplace she may never leave. He has brought her to a concrete space that turns out to be an abandoned missile silo.
Apparently, you can own a missile silo, and hide girls down there and no on will be the wiser. But, surely her parents will stop at nothing to find her. This gripping story takes twists and turns you don't expect, as Blythe tries to survive in her new "home", a home filled with a whole library's worth of survival information and supplies. Dobbs is a doomsday prepper and had targeted Blythe. He had chosen her as a smart girl, a pretty girl and one who would survive the end days with him as the end days were on their way. Blythe begins to understand that she is trapped with a crazy man.
Giving away too much information will spoil the surprises the author has in store for you, the reader, so let the Recommender just say you don't want to miss this one. Ms. Morley makes Blythe's dilemma all too real and draws you in to the claustrophobia of her existence and the choices she faces. It will keep you up reading and will make you go...Huh! What the heck? What just happened?" ...and keep reading. Because this is a brilliant and unexpected tale of survival. Whose survival is the question.
This title will be released in March so be on the lookout at your library or book store!
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  1. Sounds pretty interesting good review x

    1. Thanks, Janet! It's very good, very surprising, too!