Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Snowblind" by Christopher Golden

There is something about a snowstorm that makes you want to curl up inside by a warm fire with a good book, especially after shoveling out your truck for the 87th time this winter and what better book to read then  "Snowblind" by Christopher Golden.  It's snowing and the townsfolk of Coventry, a small New England town, are used to dealing with snow. They are equipped to handle this kind of weather event. No problem. That is...until an especially unusual snowstorm. A blizzard arrives and the citizens of Coventry are battening the hatches. Ella Santos is waiting it out in her restaurant, the Vault, along with TJ the restaurant's entertainer. He was supposed to go home and help his mother deal with the storm, but TJ and Ella have a mutual attraction and sticking around might bring them closer to acting on it. Elsewhere, Allie Shapiro, a local school teacher and her sons Jake and Isaac are spending an evening watching DVDs with her new boyfriend, Niko, and his daughter, Miri. The storm puts an end to those plans. In fact, all over town, people are having trouble making it home, back to family or friends. The police are experiencing some pretty odd occurrences one of which leads to a horrible tragedy. This isn't just any snowstorm it seems. It's the snowstorm from hell! And what is it that makes some people walk out into the snow? Are voices calling to them out there? And what does Isaac see outside the window of the room he and his brother Jake share? Something spinning and dancing and magical... something that seems able to reach out and slither in through the window screen. Big brother Jake doesn't believe Isaac. He's always making things up... or is he? This storm will change the lives of many people that night. And 12 years later... another storm is on the way.
This is as creepy and sinister a book as I've read in a while. You get caught up in the lives of the characters and how they go from dealing with the Christmas card/ snowman making kind of snow that gets kids a snow day off from school to the Moby Dick of  horrible, cold, white evil.
 This is a really good story! It's one you'll remember, and think about as it is also oddly thought-provoking. Good old NetGalley approved the galley for the Recommender and the book comes out this week right on the heels of another snowstorm, here in NH. If you do one thing this week... get a copy of Snowblind, and be prepared. You never know what's out there!

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