Monday, September 7, 2020

Who Do You Love? "Of Love and Family": Tainted Love Saga # 2 by Kayla Lowe


This might contain Spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Ms. Lowe's first book in this captivating series, Of Love and Deception. 

When we last left Sarah, she had helped move her online "Phantom", Bruce, to an apartment close enough for her to visit. While he wasn't quite what she was expecting, he wasn't in his 30's as he claimed in his messages to her, she tried to remember this was the man who knew her better than anyone. So she thought.

When he turned out to be in his 50's, a divorced ex-con with kids not much younger than her, she still tried to justify all the deceit, despite her parent's objections. Packing her bags and moving out while they were at work, she left them a note, and took a taxi to the man who seemed to love her more than anything! Just like the Phantom loved Christine!

Of Love and Family begins with Sarah spending her first night in Bruce's apartment, where he behaves like a gentleman and sleeps on sofa cushions letting her have the bed. This is the start of her new life. Or is it? She wasn't quite ready to give up her parents and brother and her best friend, her cousin, Addison. She was someone who loved being part of her family and all the relatives and celebrations and holidays that went along with that.  She finds herself torn between the contempt her parents have for Bruce and her perhaps misguided love for a man even older than her father. Is Bruce going to be the answer to her dreams? 

You'll have to find out for yourself  in this compelling story of a young woman who seemed to have everything going for her and gave it up for love.