Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who Do You Love? "Phoenix of the Opera" by Sadie Montgomery

Having read and reviewed a number of Phantom fictions, I've enjoyed a variety of variations on the Erik, Christine and Raoul canon, and also a number of books that bring in a new love for Erik, someone to ease the heartbreak as he longs for Christine. Those are really good, too! But Sadie Montgomery's Phoenix of the Opera does something entirely new, it seems. Because, as Christine is torn between the safety of Raoul and the magnetism of Erik, and as Erik lets her go... there is someone waiting in the wings watching it all.
Meg! And of course Meg would be wondering what the heck is going on! Her Mother, Madame Giry, has been protecting and delivering notes and whatnot for some mystery Opera Ghost for YEARS! Her best friend, Christine, went from a member of the ballet corps as a girl to being tutored by someone she referred to as her Angel of Music... and as she gets older, she is on the verge of becoming a major Opera Star and then, she also has Raoul hanging around the stage door. Meg isn't jealous, though. She's a great friend and happy Christine is doing so well. She, after all, is becoming a prima ballerina! But... she has always been aware of a presence in the Opera House. Shadows, voices, odd laughter. Is there really an Opera Ghost? A Phantom of the Opera? It seems terribly romantic.
It all becomes clear when Christine leaves with Raoul after her mysterious disappearance. This is where our story really begins and this is also the beginning of a Phantom series by Ms. Montgomery.
Meg has followed the mob out for Erik's blood, in the aftermath of Christine's kidnapping and release, to try and warn him. Becoming lost in the tunnels she becomes trapped in one of his snares and screams. Thinking Christine has come back he rescues her from the watery trap only to find, to his horror, it is Little Meg, his old friend Madame Giry's daughter! He turns to leave her there, when she calls him back and pleads with him, telling him she knows how her mother helped him and she wanted to help him. He ignores her and she, cold and wet, unsteadily follows him back through the passages. Finally he sweeps her up in his arms and carries her.
Back in his lair, Erik falls ill to a fever and dreams of Christine. Meg cares for him through his illness. This act leads to others and eventually, Erik comes to realize the shoe is on the other foot, while he longs for Christine, Meg has become infatuated with HIM!
There are many complications, among them an ongoing manhunt led by the horrid Inspector Leroux (!). There are moments of heart-stopping suspense, moments so disturbing you wonder how there will be a sequel! If you enjoy the Phantom and are looking for an intriguing read...then download or buy the "Phoenix of the Opera"! A perfect title... as we watch Erik rise from the ashes of the Opera House and his past!
(This is the first in Ms. Montgomery's Phantom series. The other titles are: Out of the Darkness: The Phantom's Journey / The Phantom's Opera / Phantom Death / Phantom Madness / Phantom Murder )

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