Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tough Love: "Shiver" by Karen Robards

Samantha Jones is a 26 year old single mom trying to earn enough to support her 4 year old son, Tyler. She drives an old tow-truck left to her by an "uncle" and repossesses cars at night for a place called A+ Collateral. She keeps a gun by her side and a tire iron under the seat. She's street smart and savvy and a very pretty girl who doesn't let that get in the way of what she needs to do to pay the rent and feed Tyler. Then, one night, she goes out to repossess a BMW. She hooks the chain to the car and cranks it onto its rear wheels when she notices a light is on. The trunk's open... she goes to check it out, and ...finds a man in the trunk, beaten up and bound. Earlier, we've learned this man is Danny Panterro, FBI agent undercover as Rick Marco, federal witness against a ruthless gang of drug lords and  ...as we learn, pretty darn gorgeous and sexy! Back to the trunk, Danny's been shot in the thigh and left there while the gangsters follow a false lead he gave them to buy time.
Before Sam has a minute to take in what is going on...she's tossed in the trunk with Danny. This is just the beginning of this romantic thriller. Will they survive this ordeal and get away? What about Tyler, at home with a neighbor? And, most of all can these two attractive people, Sam and Danny, find a way around all these obstacles and act on their growing chemistry???
This is the first of Karen Robards books I've read and it is a fun, addictive read, with tension, great characters, a sweet mom and son relationship, and action, action, action!

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