Monday, February 4, 2013

A Different Kind of Love Story: "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes

Will Traynor was a dashing, handsome, dynamic corporate guy, loving rock climbing, company take-overs and beautiful, sexy women. Until, one day, something happens that totally alters his fast-track life.
Louisa Clark (Lou) is a 26 year old woman who has spent the past 6 years working at a local cafe, living at home with her parents and sister and nephew and dating a man whose passion for extreme sports might be stronger than his passion for her... as, after 7 years he still hasn't proposed, or even asked her to move in.
Then, Lou is laid off work. The cafe is closing. Louisa's paycheck helps keep her family afloat as things look iffy for her Dad's job, as well. Time to hit the job center.
Louisa turns down several suggestions from her job adviser who finally suggests "care assistant". Despite her reservations Lou decides to interview for this position, care giver to a quadriplegic, a man confined to a wheelchair. She arrives at the interview and is met by the man's mother. It's a posh house and grounds and the woman looks at Lou, who is a "creative dresser"... and decides to try her out as she thinks Lou's chattiness will be good for her son, Will Traynor.
Yes, Will! That Will. He is now trapped in a body that can't move below the neck and has only partial use of one hand. He has a male nurse, Nathan, who looks after all his medical needs, drugs, etc. It's easy to understand why Will might be depressed and sarcastic to Lou, who tries to fill the days with offers of tea and cleaning his rooms. Is there hope for these two to come to some sort of peaceful co-existence? I will say that this is a wonderful, heartbreaking book. The author draws you into Lou's and Will's lives and they become people whom you come to care very much about. Be warned! There will be much crying but also laughs, as we get to know Lou's warm, devoted and supportive family. "Me Before You" is  a love story you can believe in and one that is very highly recommended!

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