Monday, August 20, 2012

Letters to Erik: Love Never Dies!

Erik is dead. Or so said a line in the paper. Christine made her choice or we may even say her bed and now she's got to lie in it...alone. Raoul has whisked Christine, his bride, away to Sweden and a new life with only servants for company in their new palatial home. She pines for Paris and her life at the Opera House...and for the person who seemed, in retrospect, to know her and her desires better than anyone.
Yes, bad choice, Christine. While Raoul spends his nights in his own room, Christine writes letters to Erik, telling him everything about her marriage, her loneliness, and her realization that HE was the one she truly loved. She writes stacks of letters and keeps them hidden in a jewelry box Erik had made for her. Along with his mask.
If he was alive, could he ever forgive her? This is the premise of the heartfelt and charming novel by An Wallace. It's an interesting concept and we learn all about Christine's life with Raoul who has gone from being that boy who rescued her scarf to a nasty, controlling type who doesn't want her to share her voice, let alone her heart, with anyone! We can picture him twirling his mustache, here. Boo! Hiss!
This is all just the first part of the story. Surprises of all kinds await as we learn the secret of Erik's final resting place, and hooray! The Persian is back! and ready to assist Christine in her plan to leave the letters at the Opera Ghost's tomb. Those most intimate, tell everything to a dead man missives...
that are immediately snatched up by someone who shall remain nameless! Speaking of names... well, the Recommender's policy is to never give too much away... so you'll really have to discover all the surprises this story has to offer for yourself! If you love the Phantom you won't want to miss out on this memorable take on the classic.

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