Sunday, July 8, 2012

Every Day

 A. wakes up in a different body Every Day which is also the title of David Levithan's conceptual new novel. He, let's call him he for this review... is always a teen. Sometimes he wakes up as a boy, sometimes a girl. He has to live that person's life for 24 hours without doing too much harm or interfering with the order of things. Sometimes he has siblings, sometimes he's alone. He has suffered from illnesses, experienced depression, drug taking and crushes that that person might have. He has to go to school, interact with parents and try to just get through the day. That is until the day he wakes up in the body of a not particularly nice boy named Justin. Justin has a girlfriend. There is something about her, Rhiannon, that gets to A. She is sweet and open and vulnerable and A. goes out of his way to be kind to her or to make it seem that Justin is being nice to her. Nicer than usual. MUCH nicer than usual. They cut school and spend the day at the beach and by the time A. has to leave... he knows that he has fallen for Rhiannon, beyond anything he's experienced before. But he won't be Justin anymore. How will he spend more time with her when he will be someone else tomorrow and someone else the day after and, well...every day?
And what about this one boy whose body he inhabited who seems to have memories of being "possessed"? What does he really know? This is a beautifully told story about love and trust and faith and belief in the power of love transcending all obstacles. This title will be released in August, so if you are looking for something that takes you outside the ordinary and makes you think about and care for the characters involved then be sure to buy, download or check Every Day out at your library!

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