Sunday, July 29, 2012

"The Master is DARK" : 50 Shades Darker

SPOILERS! The Recommender is telling you that right off, so if you haven't read the first book, don't read this post until after you've finished the 2nd, E.L. James' 50 Shades Darker, because we are going to talk about some issues. Yes, Christian has issues. When we last left Anastasia Steele she was getting her head together after breaking up with her mega wealthy, god-like gorgeous, control-freak boyfriend. Yes, we thought! Ana is sensible. She knows there is more to life than lots of money, great clothes (and underwear!) and an Audi A3 (the submissive special).
But she is sad and missing being bossed around (and all that hot sex!) and when he starts e-mailing her, again, she relents and they go to Jose's art opening where there are giant photos of Ana on display. Why does Christian never see her as carefree and happy as in those photos? Maybe because no one was subjecting her to various sorts of punishments he realizes. "I can do vanilla" he pleads and Ana and her inner goddess and even her inner subconscious celebrate this news! But... is there a dark cloud on the horizon of this happiness? Maybe several. That nasty blonde corrupter Mrs. Robinson shows up to nag Ana about how broken up Christian was when Ana left him. And, maybe they can do lunch or something? Ana doesn't think so. Will she forever be lurking around despite Christian's claims that she's "all in the past"? Then... there's Ghost Girl appearing outside Ana's new job to ask her "What do you have...that I don't" before disappearing. Ana has so many distractions, including a sleazy new boss at the publishing house she works at that she forgets to mention GG to Christian, so when she does, he gets very angsty as GG is Leila one of his past submissives and one who wanted "more" but never got it. We learn she has a gun permit and a gun to go along with it. "Master is dark" she later confides to Ana. But he is also wounded and broken and afraid to be touched and seems to really care about Ana and so darn good looking and has good taste in buying women's clothes, or the buyer he hires does, anyway, so we end up hoping Christian and Ana get together and she's even seen his *SPOLIER* creepy submissive side which freaks Ana out MORE than the dark side. Not giving away all the details but the Recommender will be reading book 3  and maybe that title gives us a hint 50 Shades Freed. HMMMM. What can that mean?  I can't wait to find out!

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