Friday, May 5, 2017

Day for Night: South Pole Station by Ashley Shelby

Ashley Shelby's captivating South Pole Station may have been written before the current political "climate" but it will be released into it and has a lot to say about science, climate change and the people who winter over in the furthest, coldest corner of the world proving it exists...or, in some cases, that it doesn't.
South Pole Station is a place you have to pass a psychological test before being allowed to spend time there. Cooper Gosling, a former art prodigy, hopes to find inspiration in the place she has heard about all her life. Her father, fascinated by arctic explorers, brought up Cooper, her twin brother and their sister on the survival stories of those expeditions.
 A family tragedy propels Cooper into applying for a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Artists & Writers Program. This grant will take her far from home and away from her problems there and into the midst of a dynamic group of South Pole residents or Polies, that includes scientists, carpenters, engineers, cooks and a lifestyle lived on the edge.
Will Cooper be inspired by the men who lived and died making their way to this isolated spot? Will she be accepted by the teams inhabiting the Station? Find out for yourself in this smart, funny and completely original story that will keep you reading, laughing and even yelling "What! Oh no!" at your kindle. This might very well be the Recommender's favorite book of the year! 5 stars! Thank you, NetGalley, for the DRC!

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