Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't You Need Somebody to Love: "The Seventh Mother" by Sherri Wood Emmons

When eleven year old Jenny Bohner and her handsome father, Brannon, set up their camper at an Idaho campground where he's found work for the season, she has no reason to suspect this summer would be any different than any other. They move from camp to camp and sometimes he works at a factory over the winter months. Jenny is home schooled and occasionally makes friends with other kids who live the same sort of nomadic existence they do.
Her mother died when she was three, or so her father told her. She can hardly remember her. So it's been just the two of them ever since. Except when he finds a new girlfriend. And then, none of the past girlfriends ever stuck around for very long.
Now, there's Emma. Emma with her red hair and her friendliness towards Jenny, she even lets her come help her with the camp's horses, one of her jobs. Emma can't resist Brannon's  rugged good looks. Not many women can, it seems. Even Zella Fay, who owns the diner near the campground comments on it, but she also warns Emma not to leave a job and place she loves for a man she hardly knows. Emma, running from a mysterious past, is ready to make a leap into the unknown and risk everything by going with Brannon... and Jenny.
The chapters alternate between Jenny's and Emma's viewpoints, Jenny hoping Emma will stay and become the mother she's longed for, and Emma, who is looking for a home and someone to love her. She may get more than she bargained for in this riveting, unputdownable story that draws us into Jenny and Emma's lives on the road  with Brannon, the perfect Daddy, and so handsome it's easy to overlook his darker side. Will he be the man of Emma's dreams? Or her nightmares? Buy, borrow or download a copy of  Sherri Wood Emmon's The Seventh Mother and discover their secrets, yourself! The Recommender highly recommends this one! Thanks to NetGalley for the DRC!

Once again, pairing a great book with a fitting great song!

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