Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Clued In: "Missing Person" by Sarah Lotz

One afternoon, in a village in Ireland, twenty-something bookstore employee Shaun Ryan is taking his dog, Daphne, for a walk in a cemetery when he's approached by a man who has an Elvis vibe and says he knew Shaun's dead uncle, Teddy. Johnny Mckinnon, fresh out of jail and home to care for his ailing Mum, was best mates with Teddy and says he wasn't dead. He went to New York to get away from the hate the family heaped on him for being gay.
Shaun, also gay, had looked up to Teddy as an icon of cool, and now, his world shaken, he has to figure out what to do with this information.
Somewhere in the US, a group of online amateur sleuths,, is sharing information on a long time unidentified body, a young man, possibly the victim of a hate crime, and found mysteriously wearing a pink dress. Was it his own dress, or did the murderer stage this crime?
Ratking, the admin of this particular group, has to keep reminding the members that they are now limited to helping ID the missing person and no longer sleuthing. But as the facts on this particular unidentified begin to mount up can Ratking, Rainbowbrite and Mommiedearest keep themselves from working the case to help police bring closure for a family out there, waiting for word.
Meanwhile, Pete, a family man with a stepdaughter and a wife who works a lot, is keeping tabs on the forum. He participates secretly, using the name Bobbiecowell. What is his interest in this case?
How will the people behind these online identities come together to solve this mystery? And what of Shaun and the revelation of his uncle? Get a copy of Missing Person and find out!
Sarah Lotz has once again written a riveting read all night story with great characters and an unusual premise. She is one of the Recommender's favorite authors and  recommends her work regularly to everyone... including anyone reading this review!

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