Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lost and Found: "Maiden's Blush" by Kayla Lowe

International translator, Jack Barringer, is on his way home one snowy winter evening when he happens upon what seems to be a crime scene. A man jumps into a shiny red Lexus and takes off, leaving behind something crumpled on the ground.
Upon closer inspection, Jack finds that it is a young woman, barely conscious and not dressed to survive the bitter cold night.
What to do? He carries her to his car while she comes to and struggles to escape his arms. Jack, a true gentleman, reassures her and she warily consents to his help. Who is this mystery woman and what led her to the attack in the woods that might have been her end?
So begins the story of Katrina Weems, a recent college graduate and Jack, her rescuer. Katrina finds herself a guest in Jack's house and as she slowly reveals more about herself she also learns more about her host, his staff, and a certain best friend who will be paying them a visit.
Beautifully told, romantic, and also a bit of a thriller, as well as containing a Phantom of the Opera theme, this first novel by Ms. Lowe was one I had to read straight through. Like Katrina, I found myself torn between two choices.  Will she get the happy ending she deserves? You'll have to get a copy of Maiden's Blush to find out!

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