Saturday, August 18, 2018

Dance of Love: "Prelude: Andante" by J.M. Smith

J.M. Smith brought something new to the Phantom of the Opera canon, the relationship of Erik and Antoinette (Laramie, here) Giry. Something hinted at in the musical and the film version which gave us some intriguing imagery of Antoinette helping Erik escape from the Gypsy camp.
Prelude began the journey of these two friends, who more and more find themselves drawn to each other in a closeness that can't be helped or denied. Andante continues the story.
Arriving in Paris, where, at Erik's insistence, Annie will be auditioning for the Paris Opera House's ballet corps, while he hopes to find employment.
While searching for housing, the two are denied as they are not married and even pose as brother and sister in the hopes that someone will rent them a room. Just when it all starts to seem hopeless, a gentleman overhears Annie explaining that she will be able to pay rent because she has a job at the Opera House.
"You do?" asks the gentleman. "Well, I hope to..." she stammers. He seems kind and is quite handsome. He tells her he would remember her and it turns out he can offer Annie and her "fire-scarred brother" a place to live, a beautiful cottage, and the ability for Annie to audition as he is the Opera House Head Manager. He introduces himself to the pair, Giles Giry!
Can their luck be changing? Will Erik find an employer willing to hire someone with such an amazing variety of skills and talents and look beyond that mask? Will Annie fulfill her dream of dancing professionally? And what about Monsieur Giry? How will Annie make the leap to become the Madame Giry we all know and love?
Will we find out in this sequel? Get a copy and see for yourself! The good news is... there's more to come! We just have to wait for the next chapter of this series for this fascinating love story to continue!

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  1. Hmmm. you make it sound like another Phantom book to add to my ever growing list! Diane