Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Try to Remember: "The Final Girls" by Riley Sager

Quincy Carpenter is a Final Girl. She was the last girl standing at the end of her own private horror movie... the one where her college friends were all murdered at the cabin they were staying in for a celebratory weekend. Instead of making memories to last a lifetime, the only memories are the ones haunting Quincy. That weekend was 10 years ago. The incident was so shocking she has buried the details deep in her subconscious.
     Now, she makes a living baking exotic, fancy baked goods, photographing them and blogging about them. She lives with her public defender boyfriend and takes the occasional Xanax when things get too stressful for her. The other constant in her life is Coop, the policeman who arrived at the scene of the murders and discovered a blood covered Quincy escaping the woods and running straight to him, begging for help. He's been there for her ever since, anytime she needs him.
There have been two other Final Girls over the years, one of whom reached out to Quincy. The other went underground to escape the media coverage. They knew what happened to them. One wrote a book about it. Will Quincy remember what went down that night? Or are these details buried for a reason best left forgotten?
    Miss Sager's "Final Girls" is absolutely gripping, surprising and unputdownable! The Recommeder stayed up really LATE to find out what happened and then was heard to be yelling "NO!" at the kindle, so it is THAT kind of book and one that I highly recommend! If you love thrillers, books with intriguing characters and an ending that will keep you thinking about it long after the last page... then be sure to read The Final Girls! A BIG Thank you to Edelweiss for the DRC!

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