Sunday, December 17, 2017

Secrets and Lies: "Emma in the Night" by Wendy Walker

Wow! This book kept the Recommender up reading till all hours! Wendy Walker's Emma in the Night is so good, and so compelling and is a seriously great read! It is a chilling look into the lives of two sisters living with their self absorbed mother and  begins with Cassandra, the younger sister informing us that one night, 3 years ago, she and Emma both disappeared.
What happened to the girls that night will be revealed in alternating chapters told by Cassandra and Dr. Abigail Winter, a forensic psychologist with the FBI, who had been on the investigative team looking into the girls' disappearance.
As we slowly unravel the layers of domestic drama and psychological games that made up much of the sisters' lives before they went missing we begin to realize there may have been a good reason, initially, for their departure that night.
Let me just say that I have a no spoiler policy of reviewing and recommending so no more details except to say this is a book that I hadn't had any advance notice of and saw it in NetGalley's title list and when I started looking at it to see what is was about... it immediately grabbed me! If you're anything like the Recommender, it will grab you, too! Thank you, NetGalley! Highly recommended!

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