Sunday, November 12, 2017

"The Romance Reader's Guide to Life" by Sharon Pywell

The Romance Reader's Guide to Life will take you into the lives of  the Terhune family, especially that of the sisters Naeve and Lilly, their little sister Jane and their older brother Snyder.
 In 1936,  when Naeve is eleven, she is offered an opportunity that will change her life. Snyder turns down a request from an older neighbor, Mrs. Daniels, to read to her. Instead, Naeve  jumps at the chance. She will be paid a nominal amount, but being able to get her hands on some of the more enticing titles in Mrs. Daniels library makes it worth her time and before long the two of them have become companions enjoying everything from the Odyssey to articles in magazines. But Neave has her eye on the romance titles and sneaks away the book that will come to be something of a bible to her, The Pirate Lover.
Here, the book takes a delightful turn as The Pirate Lover sweeps Neave  off on a romantic adventure and the story will now be told in alternating chapters with that of the Terhune sisters. We follow the tale of the very beautiful, but poor, Electra Gates and eventually to the dashing and somewhat piratical, Basil Le Cherche, and to Neave's channeling of the lessons she learns from its pages.
As the sisters mature there will be great achievements in their lives, and some shocking, dark moments. There is a wonderful, noble dog introduced. It is also a ghost story of sorts. And the love story of Electra and Basil. Who wouldn't do well to follow the lessons of the Pirate Lover?
If you are looking for a book to keep you engaged, entertained and even gasping in suspense... then grab a copy of Ms. Pywell's The Romance Reader's Guide to Life!

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