Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Time to Live, A Time to Die...Re-turn, Re-turn, Re-turn : "The Returned" by Jason Mott

Sometimes, the Recommender is so excited about a book I receive from NetGalley,  or  some other source, that it must be saved to read until I can give it the proper attention. Such a book was the brilliant, moving The Returned by Jason Mott. As the premiere of the TV series based on it called Resurrection loomed, I made it a point to set time aside to read it and could not put it down!
Imagine someone you loved, someone who may have died before their time, returned, and gave you the chance to either embrace this person with all your heart...or be completely creeped out by this presence from beyond the grave. Both things happen as the small southern town of Arcadia becomes a focal point for some of the returned and returning, including an 8 year old boy, Jacob Hargrave, who drowned in 1966 and doing so changed the lives of his parents forever. His mother, Lucille, a strongly religious lady with a great vocabulary and his father, Harold, who has became a chain-smoking, somewhat cantankerous older gentleman. The author gives us a true sense of what this couple has been through since that tragic day and how they've managed to get by in their bickering yet loving relationship. The man who brings Jacob home is Agent Martin Bellamy of the International Bureau of the Returned. He is good at his job and as events unfold in this story, we'll get to know, and like, Agent Bellamy as much as we like and sympathize with the Hargraves. As with any extreme occurrence, the Government and the military will step in with rules and regulations. I don't want to give anything away as this is a thought-provoking, emotional read and one that may well have you going boo hoo and also getting angry and any book that gets you to caring for the characters you know is a good one! Mr. Mott's afterward as to what inspired this book is also quite emotional. So, read this highly recommended book, then get ready to see how the TV series compares.
Below, are the trailer for this book, followed by the promo for the series Resurrection, followed by the trailer for the riveting French series, now on Netflix, and worth watching to compare and on its own!
Book Trailer:

Resurrection TV Series

The Returned: French series trailer

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