Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Love Affair With NetGalley!

Sometimes dreams do come true! When I was a kid and went to see 101 Dalmations 101 times... who would ever have thought it possible that one day you might be able to actually OWN a copy of it and watch it at home in your own living room??? VCRs were a dream come true back in the day.
And for a reader, book reviewer and librarian whose life is pretty much ALL about reading and recommending... when my librarian daughter told me about NetGalley, I was "WHAT???? This sounds like the best thing ever!!!!!!" . An online service that allows you to choose the titles, if approved by the publishers, of new and upcoming titles that you hope you'll love and review and recommend like crazy!!!!
Some of my very favorite new titles were NetGalley finds that uploaded to my Kindle and now have found their way to our patrons either on the shelves or through our downloadable service! It is a win/win for everyone!
Hooray for NetGalley and the wonderful staff who keep those suggestions coming! I don't review every title I read because the Militant Recommender tries to review a book a week and they have to be the best of the best...but that doesn't mean those titles don't get recommended at the library. They do! And to friends and other librarians and sometimes, if I can do it in between everything else, on Goodreads!
So, NetGalley, I LOVE you! Thanks to you I read "Code Name Verity", "Hawk Quest", "Cobweb Bride", "Break My Heart 1,000 Times" and "Fangirl" to name a very few of the outstanding works I've read and raved about. I am taking the Netgalley "Wellness" Pledge which I hope will keep me on my toes as far as posting reviews! Plus access to webinars!  If you are a librarian, book store staff or a reviewer, then check out the wonder that is NetGalley!!!

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