Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Into the Woods: "Some Kind of Fairy Tale" by Graham Joyce

Some Kind of Fairy Tale  by Graham Joyce is a book that makes you
believe in fairies... or, at least in the existence of some unusual beings, at any rate. It flawlessly blends a missing person mystery, the investigation into that disappearance, and the return of a girl who may have been gone 20 years but looks the same age she was when she vanished.
It alternates in viewpoints between Tara, the lost girl, her brother Peter, now father of a large family, her parents, her teen-age boyfriend, now also much older and the therapist given the job of deciphering the whole mixed bag of truth, lies, reality and fantasy. We won't give all the details away.
The descriptions of the the Outwoods, the site of Tara's disappearance and the Bluebell fields are so vivid you can practically smell them and the land where she claims to have spent what she thought was six months... is also exquisitely brought to life... and quite a different sort of life it is. Again, we will leave it to you to be surprised and enchanted (or possibly disturbed) by this other world in a story that will keep you up reading till the end... the Recommender's favorite kind of book!
bluebell fields from google images

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