Sunday, March 31, 2013

Not While I'm Around: "Demon" by Laura DeLuca

Without realizing it, the Recommender happened upon Laura DeLuca's Phantom right before the release of her 2nd novel to feature my new favorite fictional character, Lord Justyn Patko and his girlfriend, Rebecca Hope. So, putting all my other carefully lined up books aside for the moment, I had to see what the author had in store for these two in the new book.
When we last met them... Justyn and Becca had both been scouted for a college of the Performing Arts. Demon has them moving in together in an off-campus apartment complete with a welcoming basket of herbs and potions from Darlene (Justyn's amazing Mom) and a cockatiel. They are mad for each other, though Becca is a bit nervous about facing this new college experience. And well she might be... as among their classmates are the trio from hell, two arrogant male students, Chad and Scott and their resident diva, Livy, a goth enchantress who zeros in on Justyn as her perfect future boyfriend, particularly after he and she audition for and get the leads in the college drama club's production of Sweeney Todd, while Becca scores a role, but as Sweeney's insane lost wife.
There is drama on stage and off. Justyn is as charming and magnetic as he was in the first book. He vows to protect Becca from all harm, but can he?  Becca will undergo an ordeal that seems to change her...possibly forever. Not saying what, that is for you to find out in this engrossing follow-up. The Recommender is happy to recommend anything with our perfect leading man, Justyn... or shall we say LORD Justyn, in the storyline! I am now looking forward to the 3rd installment of the Dark Musicals series...especially after the sneak peek Ms. DeLuca gives us in the opening chapter!!!


  1. Thanks the amazing review and illustration!

  2. You are very welcome, Laura! I can't wait for "Hyde"!

  3. What a fantastic blog! I absolutely love your illustrations, and the name of your blog. How could anyone say no? :-) Great post.

  4. Thank you so much, rosasophia! That was so nice of you to say! I really appreciate it!