Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shadowlands by Kate Brian

What is it with creepy teachers? This seems to be a theme in a couple of great books I've read recently (See "Break My Heart 1,000 Times" by Dan Waters). In this absorbing, fast paced story Rory Miller, an attractive teen girl, is taking a short-cut home from school through the woods when she is attacked. Attacked by Mr. Nell, the math teacher that all the kids thought was cool in a retro dorky kind of way. She struggles and manages to escape by running into the road and flagging down the car of Chris, a boy she always liked but who was once the boyfriend of her sister, Darcy. He rescues her and calls 911. Next thing, the FBI has shown up and informed Rory, her self-obsessed sister and her distant Dad that Mr. Nell is actually a serial-killer named Roger Krauss who killed 14 girls and she is the only one of his intended victims to have survived, and he never leaves a job unfinished so they will have to assume new identities and go into the witness protection program.
Leaving behind all they know, the Miller family find themselves in a beautiful, too good to be true beachy resort town. Will they be safe? Or will Mr. Nell/Roger Krauss track them down?  What happens to them on this new adventure makes for a gripping read and one you'll not be able to put down. The Recommender says read this one NOW!

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