Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Book 3 of  the beautifully written and thoroughly enthralling Madrigal series starts off with Comte de Chagny Raoul and Christine celebrating the 16th birthday of their son, the vicomte Andre. Joining in the festivities is old friend Police Inspector Jules Legard, Andre's godfather and... an uninvited guest, the sinister bounty hunter Loup, who has returned to extort money from Raoul for information on Erik and Anna, who have vanished to no one knows where. Or have they? Loup seems to have some idea and Raoul wants proof before financing the merciless hunter any further although he would dearly love to see Erik behind bars at the very least.

Miles away, Erik and his family are ensconced safely, so they believe, in a monastery in Germany. Erik and Anna have two fantastic and amazing children. Philippe, a beautiful and perfect 15 year old with hints of genius and little seven year old Simone who carries the curse of the Phantom on her face and his love for music in her heart. Erik's devotion to his family has redefined his life and when Loup tracks down Anna and kidnaps her he is bringing down the wrath of the Phantom on all involved.
Jennifer Linforth has created a world and life for Erik that we can completely believe in and become emotionally involved in. Erik's pain at the reaction of people to Simone when first delighted by her violin playing they then see her face and turn from her in horror is almost unbearably moving, as is his statement that she will never be masked.  The story takes some surprising turns when lies are revealed, truths told and alliances and friendships formed, and tragedies averted. The spirited and talented heirs to the Phantom's story and history, Andre, Philippe and Simone come to life on the pages. We meet, again, Erik's old ally, the Persian, Daroga, and this relationship is expanded and developed so charmingly it is just perfect.  I LOVED this book. There were parts when tears threatened to short-out the kindle. If you want to lose yourself in a romantic, heartbreaking story of love, revenge and redemption then READ this series NOW!

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